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My Approach

What is it that I do is the question people ask.  I am a licensed massage therapist who has studied techniques from all around the world that far exceed massage.

My goal for each session is to find what is unbalanced and reconnect those pathways so the brain and the areas affected talk to each other again.  This is called neural integration. 

Everyone has a built in threshold.  Yours is different than mine and mine is different from the next person and so on. When we eat poorly, abuse our bodies and mind, are stressed etc. we lower our threshold. As we start to push ourselves to the top of that threshold our bodies have two choices; keep going until you burn out or lower your functioning so you keep living but you are not functioning optimally.  Your body then begins to compensate and this is where symptoms appear. This is where I come in.  I find those less functional areas and re-optimize them.

Did you know that your chronic upper trap pain could be caused by a low functioning kidney? Or how a dormant virus can lower the functioning of an organ and turn the muscles associated with that organ off?

I am a detective.  I have perfected my skills to be able to dig deep down into the root of your issue and fix it.  

Why choose Roots of Vitality for your massage/bodywork provider?

1. Truly customized sessions designed for you.  Each session is tailored to meet your individual needs.  No two sessions are alike because you are not the same each time you come in. 

2.  Ample time before and after your session to allow for proper communication regarding your needs, plan of care and findings from your session. 

3.  Visual, mobile and functional assessments included in your session.  I am not concerned with just making you feel great on the table I am concerned with how you feel when you leave and are living your life.  This is why I include a mobile assessment.  I need to see how you move! 

4.  Kelly is an expert in the field of pain elimination and pulls in over 12 years of experience from her time in the medical field.  

5.  Clients experience faster results from her sessions -vs- traditional massage therapy and on average only need 4-6 sessions to fully recover from initial issue.  Some respond quicker where others may need more time.  Remember everyone is different. 

6.  She has a 5 star rating on Facebook and Google. 

7.  Kelly is passionate about her calling and helping each of her clients to the fullest.  She is dedicated to getting you out of pain and feeling your best!

8.  Kelly is one of two people trained in neural integration on the East Coast.  

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