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Massage vs bodywork



What is the difference between bodywork and massage, and which one do I need? Over the years we have become conditioned to think we need a deep, hard massage to fix our issues when in reality that is not true.  If it was how many of you would be free of your aches and pains by now? Harder is not better and no pain no gain is outdated. What if you knew that every time you had a massage that made you wince you actually set yourself back from achieving the results you wanted? Why? Because you went past your healing threshold. The nervous system is already overloaded and stressed. Now you add more stress in the form of forceful pressure to try and demand the muscles give under load. What happens is the body receives the pressure as a threat and locks it down even more.  So, you may feel good for that hour afterwards, but the body will still have the same feedback loop as before and the pain and dysfunction will continue.  

Bodywork uses a variety of advanced techniques to address the body from multiple angles. It does not just try and loosen a muscle and it is not just focused on massage techniques.  Bodywork provided at Roots of Vitality uses a systems approach. Meaning I look at where you have pain and dysfunction, which systems are involved, look to find why they are involved and how can we bring you back to a state of balance. If our bodies are not in balance, we get symptoms.  Symptoms are your body's way of communicating there is something wrong. 

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