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Medical Massage Therapy Bethlehem PA

Functional Bodywork/Medical Massage/Bethlehem

Mind Body Therapy

Moving beyond muscles

Neural Integration

Finding the areas of the body that have become disconnected from the brain and reconnecting them so the body can function more optimally. 


Structure Joint Balancing is an assessment and a corrective technique.


Ravenna C

Kelly  is beyond amazing! She helped heal an issue I had since birth, in one month! My confidence and balance of walking structure has improved drastically all thansk to her paying attention to my needs and concerns. I can't thank you enough Kelly!

Toufy H.

Kelly Kark exemplifies the BEST of patient care in her medical massage practice. Her approach is comprehensive. She is vey personable, yet logical and seriously professional in her approach to medical massage treatment..
Her intellect and training in diversified modalities is evident in every session. Kelly’s inquiry skills allow her to adapt brilliantly to patient needs and implement the appropriate strategy to relieve pain and improve mobility.
Kelly has seen me successfully through MANY challenging physical episodes. Additionally, I have taken her insightful guidance to physical therapy which has resulted in improved treatment. I am extremely well satisfied and grateful for Kelly Kark’s dedicated professional treatment and care giving.

Tim O

I had a wonderful experience at Roots of Vitality. I have dealt with shoulder pain literally for years. Kelly Kark identified the problem immediately and relieved my pain in one visit. She also noticed a problem with my knee and helped me to relieve a chronic issue with the knee. I highly recommend Roots of Vitality to anyone with a musculo skeletal issue or joint pain. She made an incredible difference in my mobility and quality of life.

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