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Kelly Kark

Do you have shoulder pain?  Has anyone checked to see if your bicep tendon was in the groove? If not, this could be what is driving your shoulder pain and dysfunction.

Functional Bodywork/Medical Massage/Bethlehem
Mind Body Therapy
Moving beyond muscles


Neural Integration

Finding the areas of the body that have become disconnected from the brain and reconnecting them so the body can function more optimally. 



Structure Joint Balancing is an assessment and a corrective technique.



Here what others are saying about their experience with Kelly.

Therapy Sessions
I am extremely impressed with my results after just four treatments of her Voila and myofascial therapies. I did not expect to feel this much pain reduction in my pain and to be able to maintain it on my own. Kelly is professional and extremely sensitive to your needs and state of well-being. She has many techniques and will use what best suits your condition. She also knows her own limits and can provide advice on how to continue treatment on areas out of her scope. I highly recommend her.

April .N

Kelly is beyond amazing! She helped heal an issue I had since birth, in on month! My confidence and balance of walking structure has improved drastically all thanks to her paying attention to my needs and concerns.  I can't thank you enough Kelly! 

R. Cheema

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