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 Michael Padula~Health and Nutrition Coach, Pain Terminator

Since I was a teenager, I have had a passion for health and wellness. As a child I was constantly sick and was the only obese kid in my grade. I started reading text books in HS and then while in college started taking courses. Since then, I have been fortunate to study under some of the best doctors on the planet. What makes them the best? They actually make people pain free and get them off of pharmaceuticals. One of my mentors/friends is a world renown MD that I have been studying under for over 24 years. 

When I work with someone, I like to work with everything, pain and performance, nutrition and supplementation, and training. However, I will and do work in any of these areas by themselves. Currently most of my work is in pain and performance. Let's talk about this first.

I started off 21 years ago studying ART - Active Release Techniques, followed by 3 years with French Osteopath Dr. Guy Voyer. And then it snowballed to more than over a dozen other techniques. For the past 6 months I have been studying under a Doctor that I have known since 1996 and he is sharing his skill set with one other practitioner (Kelly) and myself. Why do I use so many techniques? Because in order to get results it's best to use what works and no 1 modality does it all. 

For Nutrition and Wellness, I use the Cell Blueprint questionnaire by Dr. Walsh which allows me to get a TOTAL picture of what systems in the body are working well and which ones are not. I am certified in Blood Interpretation by Dr. Walsh as well. This allows me to take a deeper look into what the body is doing that others miss. Do you know of anyone who says,” I don't feel well but my Doctor says that I am fine”?  Or “ I eat right but can't seem to lose weight?” or “I have had this pain for years and nothing helps it!”.  THAT is who I help! Of course, I can help people stay healthy and pain free before it gets to that point.


To learn more contact or to schedule a session contact me at 201-248-2014.


Michael Padula


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